Fellow writer C Derick Miller lost his job at 6 Flags in Texas earlier this year because of comments made by his fictional character in one of his books. Which was written under a pen name, years prior to this incident. If it can happen to him, it can happen to any of us. Some authors are standing up to fight against cancel culture and have donated stories to this fundraising anthology.

Buy a copy today, direct from this link and 100% of the funds go towards legal defense fund for indie horror creators. https://www.psychotoxin.com/product-page/666-flags-a-fundraising-anthology?fbclid=IwAR2igBH7DGcVCJOp1m9dFPiGt7UZwXA1Qiryk_ymFy5vOgBx7ugcMRh3CNg

OR buy from Amazon where they take a cut, then the remainder goes into the fund.

We live in a dangerous day and age when the overly vocal minority seem to have an unbalanced amount of power. Guilty people want to ban or burn books. People who want to keep the status quo want authors and artist punished for their creative vision. It is my pleasure to light the path and my honor to be associated with these gifted writers. 666 Flags: A Fundraising Anthology will be the first in what I hope to be a yearly fund raiser to create a legal defense fund to help protect indie writers from the censors and hate mongers. Every penny made will be donated to create this fund.


Check out this Video from Christopher Pelton at Psychotoxin


& Listen to Derick’s full story here :

For my local readers, I will have a few paperback copies soon, only $13.50 signed, and the monies after my cost will be sent to the fund as well. Support INDIE and drop me a comment – limited supply. Thank you Theresa Jacobs