Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Best Thing about being Indie.

One of the best things about being an Indie author is the beautiful people I get to meet. I would like to introduce you to Lucy Lombos. 

She is a remarkable woman, originally from the Philippines and now resides in Canada.  Along with her extensive resume as Academy Directress - Lombosco Academy (based back home) she is a Language & Literacy Advocate, a Children's Book Writer, Editor-In-Chief, Buon Giorno Newsletter, Social Media Administrator: Lombosco International Website, a Blogger and Teaches English to foreigners.
Please make Lucy feel welcome and check out her blog, books, or facebook page and share her spirit with the world.  (Links below)

Hi Lucy, why do want to write for children?
First of all, I wanted to write for children because as a teacher-storyteller, I would buy books for my read-aloud or read along storytelling sessions or circles... Then, I decided to write my own stories and share them all to the kids, particularly the Filipino children in our school. I have a collection of children's books primarily because I love children... they make me happy. I feel young with them, and I'm a little bit crazy when I'm with them.

Who was the biggest inspiration in your life?
Moreover, this is because I'm a mom of three wonderful children. I love to share my experiences to them and pass on the golden values that I learned from my mom who is an excellent storyteller. My grandmother was once a reading teacher, too. They inspired me a lot. And my husband is supportive of what I do.
Literacy is my advocacy since 2000.

 The Class Lady Bug

If there is a Class President, there is a Class Lady Bug. This book is about a young girl who encountered bullies. Find out how she befriended them and how her wishes were fulfilled.


The Star of the Sea

How would you like to spend your summer vacation in Puerto Galera, popularly called "paradise"? This book is an adventure that children will surely like. Join Aleli, a young girl in the story. And enjoy a summer vacation with her whole family. Take the risk and conquer your fear as you go through the journey which might be something new for you. Witness how she overcomes challenges and obstacles along the way. Celebrate with her the simple joys that she experiences with life and nature. Learn how she finds her strength from her family as they embark life's exploration together. Happy trip!

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