Saturday, August 12, 2017

Writing and YouTube

While writing all the time, you also have to promote your work. This is harder than the writing, for some of us. Especially if you don't like being in the limelight. Hence YouTube, color enhancing and voice altering :)

I have an older blog that gives you many ideas of where to promote for free, I'll post the link at the bottom for those who are still looking for places. In today's blog, I thought I would share my little promo video. About half way through I read a piece from the book.

There are also the new ways to create mini movie spotlights, like a commercial for your work. For one of mine, I used Animoto - left the watermark on and it's free. If you pay you can remove that and get a few better features to use, it's your choice.

You can do many things with Youtube, read blurbs, read chapters, Vlogs (video blog for those who don't know), or have someone interview you. Get creative, after all, we are writers. Have fun away from the blank page and spread yourself wide. You never know what will stick and be a hit.

Happy YouTubing folks!

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