Saturday, September 2, 2017

Gather Writing Support

As you dive into the world of writing, you will find supporters. The encouragers, the people who cheer you on and tell you that you are doing well. Or that they are proud of you, go live your dream. These are generally friends and family and as you grow, fellow writers.

You will also find teachers. People that may slap you on the wrist and say this is wrong, that’s wrong, why did you write it that ways. The natural instinct is to defend yourself. To baby your project and say, well that’s the way I want it to be so that’s how it’s going to stay. Stop and think about what they are telling you.

We need both types of people in our lives. The ones that make us feel good, that we are achieving a dream. This pushes us to want to move forward and to be ourselves. 

However, the teachers are just as important. Perhaps even more so, they make us question everything we do. They will help us improve and think about how we are presenting ourselves to the world. They too will help us move forward and move upwards.

Celebrate every achievement with your supporters and revel in the fact that you have written something – anything – it’s not an easy task.

Silently rant and rave at every misstep pointed out by the teachers, and then go fix the problem. Ask for help, get advice, and never stop trying. And then they will help you celebrate your wins.

Don’t be afraid, if anyone reaches out to you with advice, use it. Be tough, keep writing and be happy. 
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