Saturday, February 6, 2016

Being Brave

Putting Yourself Out There

The hardest part about writing, for me, was putting it out there for others to read. To be judged and perhaps ridiculed is scary. I have my good friend Lisa Alexandra to thank for her courage. She wrote her Biography as a #Transgender woman. If she could share such intimate and personal details about her life, then I could put my fiction online.
I have been very lucky and found some great people on line in these past few months. My new mentor, whether he agrees or not,  Zane Dowling. Who upon reading some of my work gave me much needed advice and is assisting me with improving my skills.  He also suggested, where you can practice writing and get critiques from other writers as well. 

The other person I want to mention is Peter Vialls. He too reached out and made some important points about my novel, which i have pulled to edit more before re-releasing. It is people like these that make me want to be a better writer and help others where I can.

Yes there have been some negative comments made about my work and my blog, but I am learning and growing. All any of us can do is be kind to each other. If my posts or any information there in, assists just one person looking for the courage to leap, then I am happy.  If anyone wants to connect then please feel free. 

I found a free #reviewers site that gives Indie authors links to a multitude of people that review for free, usually they just want the copy of your book to read, and that is here :

Happy Writing, Theresa
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