Saturday, February 20, 2016


What I learned about Printing and Picture books.

Little did I know, that when I put my Children's Picture Book on Amazon as an E-Reader, I was not going to be able to create Hard Copies.

I found out the hard way that picture books cost a lot of money to print. 

After much research, visiting many printing sites; including ones that will print on demand to Amazon for you, they cost about $40.00 per book to print.  The other option was the "magazine" style, as above in my picture, for Approx $13.00 ea. Plus shipping and Handling of course. 

Upside for me, is that I was able to print locally, "magazine" style for a little less cost, and saved on the shipping.

Downside for us all, unless you are local and want to pick up, or have delivered, you have to pay to have it shipped to you.

Until I am famous, and get picked up by a Publisher, e-reader is the way to go. If anyone wants to buy direct from me, just contact me!

Back to work I go, happy writing! 

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