Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why Do We Write

Why do we feel the need to write? Is it just built into our DNA?

This blog is an insight into my heart, and hopefully a lesson for someone out there.

 When I was a child I wrote stories that no one read. I can't recall if I read them to my parents or not. However I do know was left to my own devices, I never had a teacher see my creative side and push me. My parents never said "hey our girl is a writer, let's enroll her in classes." 

 So I always just wrote and put it away. Back then we did not have the internet so it was harder to get out there, you had to send stories, by snail mail, to magazines, and pay for entries. I was living in poverty, so that was never an option. 

When I was in my early 20's I had a person that meant a lot to me, tell me I wasn't very good, and that I should just give up.  I had no other feedback than his, so I took it heart. I cried, my dreams were a waste of time, and stopped writing.  

But it's in me to wasn't too long before I got note books, and started writing again.  I wrote for me only, showed no one, cause I was told I wasn't good enough. In this time I wrote a novel.  I had no direction, no editor, and no money. So it sat in my drawer for 10 years.

Now we have the Internet, free publishing, and social networking. I have been able to connect with so many writers and readers. I am finally able to be who I was meant to be. A Writer!

I may not be the next #JKRowlings. OR #StephenKing. But at least I am doing what makes me happy. And no one ever knows - that next novel Idea might be the one! We don't know if we never try. And not doing what you love, regardless of, is it "good" or not, kills your heart. So Just Do It! 

Again I have to thank those who actually believed in me
Lisa Alexandra+ for her bravery
Zane Dowling+ for his continued mentoring and exhaustive editing
Peter Vialls+ for his advice and comic emails.

Happy Writing, Theresa

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