Thursday, March 10, 2016

Keep Swimming

Sometimes I see Dory, from Finding Nemo, saying, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

I have so many ideas, the hard part for me is stopping and learning my craft. I need to work on my language skills and my grammar. Which takes time away from the fun stuff.

So far, thanks to the help of + Zane Dowling, I can't say I have done this without him. He has been an invaluable asset to my writing. I too am paying it forward by reading and advising others, in the best way that I can, with encouragement, and telling them to seek out editors - as an editor I am not. If everyone out there can help just one person, it makes a better, kinder world.

 I am cleaning up everything that I have in the works right now, so I can move on to other projects. I just finished a novel that will be under a pen name, so I really can't share details here, that is in the editing stages now. I need to re-write my first novel, and get it back out there. I am also working on another children's book. This time, it's a series; the writing is the easy part, I have to wait longer for the artwork. So that project is off and on.

After this is done, I want to try and turn my novel into a screenplay. I haven't even seriously looked into how to write one yet. I may not like it, and scrap it. I just think how cool would it be if I can sell my book to a movie. I feel it reaches a different audience and it might be fun.

Of course, I have oh, 6-8 other novel ideas waiting in the wings, whether they will come to fruition or not, who knows? I won't know until I sit and do the outlines. Every time I have an idea I write it down, you never know.

There are also the short stories, to sell to magazines, or enter contests. This is where my writing practise really comes in. I zip them out on Watt pad and people tell me - ok it was good but - and get back into re-writing it trying to find that sweet spot.

No one said that writing was easy, nor will it make me rich, but you know what, I love it. I love the sound of the keys clacking away, as my thoughts tumble out to become stories.  So I'll just keep swimming along with Dory.
And my new fellow friends out there - May you enjoy every keystroke too

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