Saturday, June 11, 2016


The Topic of Genres

Recently my mentor, +Zane Dowling and I, were discussing writing genres and whether or not it is important to stick to one. I thought not. If the writing is good enough, it speaks for itself. I feel you can gain different audiences, hence more readers, and more sales, by branching out of your comfort zone.

For instance, I do not read romance so I would never read - say Joan Collins - but if she were to write a horror story, perhaps even a mystery, I would read that book.

One of my favorite authors is Robert McCammon, I love his writing; he started with horror, and now years later he has switched to Victorian Mysteries. They are spot on! He still has the descriptive narrative, twists and turns, and characters you fall in love with. So does it matter what he writes? Not to me.

A different example, however, is another favorite of mine Stephen King; I have read every book he has written, some more than once. He wrote a book about a baseball player Blockade Billy, that book I tried so hard to read… not my cup of tea at all....I got bored and put it down. But perhaps baseball fans loved it. 

If as an author, you have more ideas than just the genre you normally write, why hold yourself back and limit what you can do? You may even find a new niche for yourself or gain new readers.

 Do you stick to one genre when you read and/or write? Share your options.
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