Saturday, June 4, 2016

Writing Through The Blah's

Writing through the Blah's

I am sure that everyone has Blah days. These are the complete lack of emotion days, you're not happy nor sad, sometimes bored perhaps - that's when I eat.

But can you write while having a blasè day?

Sure you can.  Just do it. Or go watch tv if you want, no one has a gun to your head. If they do write about that, we want to know!

During these moods, I will tell myself I don't have to get into the task of the novel, it's just too daunting on a blah day. This is when I may grab my handy dandy notebook and start writing future ideas or rhyming words, or words I really like, or perhaps a thought for my next blog. Usually, once I start writing these simple tasks, the juices get flowing. The mood to write creeps back in and then I can get back into it. Sometimes this is when my next short story comes forth; you just never know where that small push to write will take you.

So for me, writing fights the Blahs and wakes my creativity, which, in turn, makes me happy.

I find the hard part is ignoring the nagging sense while I am writing that I have other things to do; like to nap, I love my naps.

Do you fight your blah's or succumb to other projects? 

Happy writing Theresa
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