Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lists And Inspiration

Want to write daily? Try Lists - no not that kind of List 

Try making lists, not just writing a journal, or a story, but writing period.

Why lists?

List what?

It's a thought process, a freeing of the mind if you will. I have notebooks where I started at the back and would title - Favorite words. Words I hate. Rhyming words. Descriptive words. Unusual words. Words I want to use more, or use too often and need to change.

It may seem silly or trivial, but I have moments where I really want to write, and I don't know what about. Sure I have my novel on the go, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to listen to those characters or the time to get deep, so I resort back to my lists.

The lists and exercises help me to let go of the daily grind. To move beyond what's clogging up my mind like the bills, or that I have a doctors appointment looming, and get into that creative place where I need to be to bring forth my best efforts. Of course having a few days off helps for sure, feeling like I have to cram it all in with only a few hours after work is never fun.

I have a lot of pages with just story ideas, oddball titles or descriptions. There are times when I read over these lists I get a new idea, and it can take me off to writing a story, or a poem.

I'll reiterate (for those that have read all my blogs)  that my all time favorite writers practice book is by Natalie Goldberg called #WildMind. I have a couple of notebooks filled with short stories that were inspired by her exercises, and she started me on the lists idea.

If you struggle with your writing, head out to the bookstore and browse through the writers guides. Find one that speaks to you and buy it. Start with that and see if it helps you to write more frequently.

Time for me to move on to other projects, so give lists a try and happy writing. Theresa
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