Saturday, July 30, 2016


Write Your Reviews

Books reviews are very important, especially to Indie Authors. Most of us rely on people reading our work and leaving reviews. Even if you are not a writer, you can click the stars, or write in -I loved it - I enjoyed it - I would recommend this book to my friends.  This helps others that are considering shelling out the few dollars to decide whether or not to buy it.

There are some people that really get in depth with Reviews; they talk about the characters, the plot and even the skill level of the author. I personally do not care for these type reviews as I prefer to go into a story without any preconceived ideas.  But I would never knock anyone for doing so, they are still reviews. I am sure there are lots of people out there that this review will be the deciding factor if they are going to buy or not.

So how do we get reviews? This is leg work people - or finger work -because we are only keyboarding. Social media is it. You can google book reviewers  (see a link below) to find people who read and review for free, all they want is a copy of your work. And their review will be honest. There are other sites that you pay to review your book. And then there is connecting with people through your social media and requesting a review. If you take this route, I do suggest that you be kind and do review for review. In fact, I have met and befriended a couple of authors this way.  I also found out that my own book was in rough shape and needed more work too.  So it is a positive avenue to take.

I have come across a couple of books that were not very good, to say the least. Instead of leaving a terrible one-star review, I contacted the author privately, and I gave them my humble opinion. Whether they needed an editor (as I did) or they just needed to scrap that work and try again. It is better to be told this honestly, in private of course, than it is to dump it all over Amazon. I personally was thankful that this happened to me, rather than leaving a mediocre piece of work out there for the world to read, and then perhaps never sell my next book biased on the first one.

So any readers, writers, or just passers-by, please always Review the Books you read! We appreciate it and love you for it!

Happy Writing Theresa.

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