Saturday, August 27, 2016

Words Do They Count

The topic of late has been how many words should my novel have? Am I using too many words, not enough words, am I being overly descriptive?

My philosophy is,  you are the creator, do what you want to do. If you want a short story, then write it, make a compilation of shorts if that's all you have. These days with self-publishing, you can set your price, so it's only 60 pages sell it for less than $1.00 If you are writing and wanting to get your name out there, it's a starting point.

Or are you making an endless saga? Break it into a trilogy, space it out. However, having said that, are you a good enough writer to pull it off?

I know that I have a tendency to go off on tangents describing the scenery, or people, or what's transpiring, and my editor keeps slapping my wrist for it saying - "Is it important to the outcome? This is redundant, or unnecessary information."
(If you are reading this Zane, I can't thank you enough! I am continually learning and improving, in the hopes that someday I can write well enough to be verbose and it will still be a pleasurable read.)

I enjoy many styles when it comes to reading; I love the long drawn out prose that is steeped in metaphor and flows like poetry within a novel.

EX:  From Dean Koontz - Ashley Bell Novel.
The amorphous fog writhing in the headlight beams as if intent on finding a suitable form to wear henceforth, the low rumble-purr of the car engine like and expression of animal pleasure at the prospect of the journey ahead, the first thin exhalations of welcome heat from the floor and dashboard vents, the witchy light from the instrument panel reflected in her eyes as she met her own otherwise dark gaze in the rear-view mirror ... Every detail of the moment suddenly seen to be a portent of an approaching event, fraught with hidden meaning and ripe for divination by crystal ball or tea leaves, or Scrabble tiles

I also enjoy a light, quick read that I can finish in a couple of hours, just to be entertained by.

EX: From Janet Evanovich - Seven Up Novel.
The flowers were still in the hall when Bob and I stepped out of the elevator. Bob sniffed at them and ate a rose. I dragged Bob into the apartment and, first thing, checked my phone messages. Both were from Ronald. Hope you like the flowers, the first said, they set me back a couple of bucks. The second suggested we should get together because he thought we had something going between us.

So what do you like to read? What is your personal writing style? Do what is right for you and your skill set. My personal style is descriptive, yet I am still honing my craft so until I can find the right balance I am keeping it simple. 

Happy writing Theresa.
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