Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

As we all know, the writers' life is a road fraught with perils.  A large percent of us Indies, have days jobs or even part time jobs, with family, and other responsibilities.  Our writing can often be the last priority of the day. This is life, and we must accept it, or figure out how to change it. One thing we cannot leave behind is our colleagues. (+Susanleighton I got it correct this time - thanks) 

I have found the writers community to be vast and welcoming. If one person helps me along the way, I help them back. Even as small an offering of liking and sharing my posts. Then I too will like and share theirs. Of course, I don't just like and share willy-nilly I read them, I comment on them. I pass on my thoughts and critiques too. As every little bit counts to us. A nudge of correction to be better, a nod that says I enjoyed that, or a huge bravo that rocked my world - even better.

I also try and read other Indies, to not only see what they have to offer but to learn from them as well. If I come across a work that is in desperate need of help, I don't give a one-star review and tell the world they suck. I contact them personally and tell them my true feelings. Some people are grateful for the reach out (as I was when Zane reached out to me) Some people are not as happy about it. But I feel in my heart that I made the right choice, that I am not embarrassing them - or myself.

I do review and share on G+, facebook, and twitter. All my positive reviews only, in the hopes that the author may pick up one more sale.  Just another step in paying it forward.

Plus I am a member of a few Facebook writers groups now. Whenever anyone posts questions that, I feel I may have some insight into; I will put in my two-cents. You just never know whose response may give a writer that spark of inspiration that they need.

Therefore, you may not be a Pro (yet) however you live a different life then everyone else. You have different surroundings and different experiences. Get out of your shell and Pay it forward.

Help. Share. Like. Comment. Review.  And others will do the same for you.

Happy writing Folks, Theresa 

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