Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dreaded Book Blurb

The dreaded blurb.

Why are book blurbs so hard?

As a new author, I'm here to tell you that I have no clue. I mean I just wrote an entire novel and a novella. So why can't I write a catchy little grabber that will make you stop and pick up the book?

There are tons  blogs out there by the pro's that tell you how to do it. I have read them over and over. I am still struggling with mine.

There is formula - Yes it's true.

The General idea is: Show the character, introduce the problem, and toss in a twist.

There are many don'ts in a blurb, the biggest is - no spoilers!

Now I am going to ask for your input on my Blurb ... my good Friend +David Kummer helped me tighten it up, thanks David. Now I would like you all to read it and let me know your thoughts.

Hey, I am not ashamed to reveal my flaws and ask for help. After all, you are the very people who may or may not read my book based on this blurb.

Note - aiming to release the book Nov 26/27.

Death: There's an app for that.
Be careful what you download.

An innocent game can turn deadly in the flash of a screen; and before you know it, you're gone.
When James's roommate Billy disappears, he thinks nothing of it. But after no contact for 24 hours, he gets worried. 

James finds his friends phone locked in a strange game loop - the last thing Billy saw before he was gone.

When too many College kids start to disappear, a group of students join forces to find out why. 
What they discover is much more than a simple game.

Who created this deadly game, and why?

Whatever you do, don't click the App, or you could be next.

Your Opinions Matter - happy writing folks, Theresa

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