Saturday, December 17, 2016


Why limit yourself or your craft?

I see many people that stick with one theme or align their success in a particular direction. Why put these limits on what you can do? Or what the next possible achievement may be? I mean I understand if you love romance, you read it, write it, breath it, that’s you, and that’s great. Perhaps the deep focus is how you need to keep going.

I just feel that as Independent artists, we not only need to create our craft, but we must all create new ways to bring attention to ourselves. Did you know that approximately 2,269,979 (and climbing) books have been published worldwide this year alone? How do we as individuals get noticed in that heap?

I am a writer. I write whatever I feel like as it comes. I have children picture books, poetry, and horror under my resume so far. I have ideas for a crime novel, a sci-fi novel, more kids’ books and a coming of age story. So why should I pigeon hole myself as just a horror author? Sure, Joe Blow that lives for a good scare won't read my kid's book, but then again, the 3-year-old nephew of my bests friends sister isn’t going to read about the Demon #Brimorie that I created. So, I am doing what I love, and enjoying the creative process while making myself available to different audiences.

Most people these days also know to market themselves with all the Social Media at hand, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - but you can’t just post and run. You must spend time interacting with various people, talk to them, read their books or watch their movies. Share and join and try to build an audience. We all need each other to reach out and spread our wings. Start a group, start a blog, get to know others. The bonus is you will find some wonderful new friends around the world. Plus, stumble upon great books, or artwork, or music, the possibilities are endless. 

Take the plunge, enter contests, submit to magazines or web articles. Call your local bookstore, find out if they do take Indie's and have functions. It's hard work, but if this is what you want to do with your life then it must be done. Enjoy the process too - it's all life, every experience, every success and every failure, it's all we have and who we are.

No matter what, have fun at what you love. Happy writing folks.

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