Saturday, December 10, 2016

Branding Yourself

As an Indie anything, you must Brand yourself - and I don't mean with a hot poker!  You need to come up with your persona, the person you are comfortable showing the world.

Even if you are just going to be you, the real you, the person you are online is the same person you are at home - great! Do it, be you. For many Bloggers this is the case, people sharing their lives, trips, relationships, just keeping it real - so they are 100% themselves all the time. However you must remember that you are not living in a bubble, this is the entire world you are opening up to. So be aware of that.

Now there is nothing wrong with being the next Andrew Dice Clay or Chelsea Handler, there are many of us who love these people and wish we had the Conjones to speak as bluntly. If this is how you create yourself and you get a million followers than good on you! Go for it - Conjones and all.

However, if you come across as all bubble gum and rainbows and you start an online war with someone and begin talking like a potty mouth trucker; people are going to step back. You may lose followers, or even worse buyers if you sell product online. Because it's about being true to that persona at all times.

The best thing to do is have two profiles, a private one for friends and family, and your "Public Self" for your product. Keep it professional, don't let the trolls sway you to say or post something you will later regret. You never know who is going to screen shot your bad behavior to use against you later.

As an Indie we rely on our readers, online-friends, followers and fans. We need them to Like/share/comment and if you start acting like an ass you never know how many  potential future connections you may lose from just one unfriend.

Be your Brand, Be True, Be Professional.

Happy Writing Folks. Theresa

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