Saturday, January 7, 2017

Life in the War Zone

Today I am going to go off the beaten path and help promote another Author because he has something important to talk about.

There are many of us who feel safe in our cozy little homes, and quiet little towns, who try not to see what is currently happening in our world. There are wars raging on, real people suffering and dying, while we stay cozy. And then there are people like Paul White, who don’t put blinders on but take it upon themselves to delve into this true-life horror and share the tales of the innocent people lost in the war.

Life in the War Zone Coming out 11th FEBRUARY 2017 on Amazon in Paperback & Kindle.

Life in the War Zone…
The modern day civilised world we know is little more than a fragile moment balancing on a knife-edge between the evils of avarice and the struggle for dominant authoritarian supremacy.
Caught in the maelstrom between the warring factions are the innocent lives of civilians and children, the unsuspecting conscripts and misguided volunteers on all sides.
Conditioned, indoctrinated and convinced by those who have only power and ultimate wealth to gain, are those whose personal stories are revealed within the pages of this book.
Life in the War Zone takes a serious, no holds barred look at the devastation and trauma of life in the battlefields of the Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Israel, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon and El Salvador.
This may well be the book they would rather you did not read.

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Thanks for reading, and watch for Feb 11 release.