Saturday, January 14, 2017

Change Your Life

Changing your life is not easy. We get stuck in patterns of comfort and ease. If you want real results in whatever direction your happiness lies, then you must work for it. No matter what you see on tv or the internet. There are few overnight success stories. These people just had not yet reached their pinnacle, and when they did, we all knew it. 

To be a success you must put in the long hours, late nights, and stressful deadlines. No one can do your work for you. I know I've asked my husband to write my book for me while I was busy elsewhere - I just get the look, you know the look.

Well, last year I decided life was dull, all I was doing was wasting time. I'd work all day and be tired, like everyone else. So I'd come home hit the couch and imitated a potato. Then it hit me, I was wasting my life. I was wasting my dreams and my art. My soul was dying, I was miserable and feeling unworthy. 

I woke myself up and said Hey if you want to write, nothing is stopping you. The excuses of being tired, or the tv it too loud, or that I am constantly getting interrupted, were just excuses. I did not want to die and have done nothing for me. 

I began writing, I self-published, and I started blogging. Other than a couple of occasions where I was sick I 've blogged every sat. It has not been easy, I don't always know what I am gong to blog about. 

But I am so happy. 

I still go to work every day, but now I have a smile on face, I have accomplishments that I am eager to share. I have books written that I want people to read. 

And last year I made a goal, that in five years I won't have to work anymore. Then I said wait I've already been doing this for 6 months, so in four years I won't have to work anymore.  

Then I had an idea for a novella that basically wrote itself, and I think this would make a fantastic movie. I said to myself why not, why wait four years or five years - in 6 months I am going to have an agent backing me and a movie deal. 

They are my goals and I am driving myself to accomplish them. 

I work 40 hours a week and still work an additional 40 at home writing so what am I waiting for, this change is happening, and I am making it happen. 

If you want to change, you have to get off your ass and do it. 
I believe in me, all you need to do is believe in you.