Saturday, February 25, 2017

Grow Your Writing

Use all avenues available to you.

Don’t limit yourself, don’t stagnate. I am trying new and scary things this year. I am entering contests, as I can afford them, my favorite is  where I get to talk with other writers. We all share our contest entries, and you help each other improve them. Bonus, if you pay a bit extra, you get the judges feedback too. These help me grow and learn how to create better stories.

I also now contribute to thanks to +SusanLeighton and her inspiration. She joined them first, and I read some of her work, she encouraged me to try, (thanks for that Susan). I honestly was shaking when I signed up requesting to submit articles. I’ve only been doing the writing thing a little over a year, and every new step is a terrifying leap into the unknown. Then I bucked up and said: “What do you have to lose?” They either say sorry you don’t fit our needs, or they accept, and I learn how to put a new twist on writing. They accepted, and so far, I’ve met every deadline each week and create an article.

I was approached to write someone’s biography, {this is a secret project until its release, on their request.} Even with this, I was terrified, what do I know about biographies? Nothing! I don’t read them -well I had to as research for this job. Yet person’s story was so compelling, that I not only had to say yes, I would write it for them, but I wanted to write it, to give them a voice for the world.

While writing the weekly article, my blog, my own novel, a biography, and the stories contests, I still have to maintain an online presence. I can't just disappear and expect everyone to be sitting around what happened to me. Staying active in various places and working on my craft is all I can do.

Writing is hard work. There are many times where I have to force myself to sit at the computer. I just sat at the computer all day at my day job, why do I want to do it again? Because I am more satisfied with my life after I sat a wrote for three hours than I am had I watched TV - someone else's creation, telling myself that was horrible I could write better, or that was amazing, I want to rise to their level. None of that will happen by doing nothing. Move forward, don’t look back, and improve, have all become my motto.

If you are wondering how I fit this in with a 40 hr a week job. I have a loose schedule. 

Sunday is Biography day, I meet with my subject then write the rest of the day-break for dinner-write til 9pm. 

Monday after work. I prepare for the magazine article, rewatch the show and write a draft. Then I'll work on my short stories til 9 pm. 

Tuesday after work is my novel time, unless I have a short deadline, I may touch it up. 

Wed after work is tighten up my article and find pictures, videos to add, and submit to the Magazine for review so it can be live on Friday. If it went smooth, I'd work on my novel till 9 or 10 depending on the flow.

Thursday after work is free night, so again either shorts or novel, depending on mood and deadlines. 

Friday night after work, flesh out my blog.

Sat - all day - clean up my blog and post it. Novel writing all day and night. Toss in errands as needed. 

What are you waiting for? Get writing, and I’m always around if you have questions, or need one more follower. 

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