Saturday, March 25, 2017

Author Spotlight: Kimberly Schumacher

Thank you for joining my blog today, let me introduce you to Kimberley Schumacher

“My Letters to Amy; A Search for Generational Healing,” August 2016

Broken families are not our story’s end. Do you remember a time when life simply felt good, right, warm, and secure? Do you remember belonging, feeling affirmed, when life was perfect, or perfectly imperfect, but everyone was connected? Back then, Katherine thought everyone’s life was like this, or it should be. She didn’t know it any other way. “Today, now, I still think it should be …” An older half-sister of 20+ years reasons through family hurts when fifteen years of estrangement is broken by questions as Amy comes of age. Can humility, respect, understanding, grace and acceptance rebuild connection?

When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?

When my first-grade teacher gave me a piece of paper that was blank on the top for drawing, and lined on the bottom for writing, I was in heaven! I had stories to tell and someone wanted to hear them. I never really thought about becoming an author, but I have always kept a journal. I have always written stories.

 What would you like to achieve as an Author?

As an author, I would like to provoke thought. Thought that improves the lives of others, challenges their perspectives, enriches their life experience. I would hope to be broadly read only because I believe that there is a lot to share. I would also like to hear from readers, because they too have much to share.

 What is your best advice based on your own experiences so far to other Authors?

Research, research, research before publishing. Talk to other Authors, read what they read, learn from their experience. I’m doing a lot of this networking now and I’m finding wonderful mentors. ‘The industry’ is like a forest, and if you haven’t hiked it before you may be surprised by the height of the hills, the swiftness of the cliffs, and the length of the trail. Like all great adventures, this one is worth the time!

 What genres do you read and review to support your fellow Authors?

I read some fiction, memoirs, and philosophical works that come from writers like Tolstoy, Thoreau, and CS Lewis. To support other authors I share their works when I read, I leave reviews for them on sale sites, and I’m hosting an event for local writers called “Wine, Women & Words” as a way to bring our readers together and get local exposure.

   A quote by you or your Life motto?

Drop the Rocks and Share the Gift!

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