Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Art Of Motivation

Writing is solitary work and for most, done at home among the distractions of the TV or family. 

I was unmotivated for 20 plus years, I did no writing at all!

In the practice of writing almost daily for the past year, I now can’t not write. I actually start to feel anxious if I have to give up an evening and go to a social event. Or if I have a day where I just need to rest. I tell myself it’s ok to chill, I find I can only do so for a few hours. The entire time I am thinking about a story or my novel, or what should this week’s blog be. Writing has become embedded in my brain as a part of my routine.

One of my main motivators is time. I am starting out at 45 yrs. old, I lost so much time doing nothing, plus I still work 40 hrs at a day job.

I set myself goals without planning too. I am not a planner in any way shape or form. So, what I do is enter writing contests or story requests for magazines, that need to be done this week, or in two weeks. Now I don’t have time to think about what to do next I know I only have X amount of days to create a new story and then do it again and again.

I became a contributor to with a weekly article on the TV show ZNation. I have to submit it by Wednesday so it will post by Friday. This is a no brainer, it must be done, so it will be done.

I am writing two different Novels simultaneously, now those I have no deadlines for, they are my babies and I can willy-nilly it all I want. However, I want them off my plate so I can start my next big idea. Therefore, I write one or the other, or both, after my “goals” are done.

Lastly, if a new crazy idea pops into my head for a kid’s story or a poem, then I just write those immediately.

Life is too short to sit back and have to convince yourself to do things, and not just writing, but anything you’ve always wanted to do.

What Motivates you? Share in the comments and Happy writing folks Theresa
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