Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tracking Submission & To-Do-Lists

Tracking your submissions and the to-do-list.

Of course, depending on what type of writing you do, this is either a handy tool or completely unnecessary.

When you submit stories to publishers, magazines, or contests, you’ll find that they all have long waiting periods to receive a response. Some may be 4 weeks, while others can be 4 months or longer.  

So how do you keep notes of what you entered, when, and to whom? For instance, most of them also request that you send an original story and not submit it elsewhere. Therefore you don’t want to make a mistake and send out a duplicate piece of work.

Then of course if you are not only writing a novel, but working on multiple works, plus blog, plus contribute to a weekly magazine, you also require a to-do-list.

I began to use Google Chrome Calendar feature.

You can highlight different jobs in colors. You can set reminders or as I do, have it repeat weekly/monthly so at a glance you know what is when.

This way I can mark a contest submission, the expected hear back date, and even when you open that note, all the details, rules, winnings, whatever you deem important.

While Google calendar is not perfect, it is useful. I’ll even send myself a note to remember to talk to an author about a blog hosting, then it pings my phone a week in advance, and I’m golden.

What format do you use? Share your tips too.

Happy Writing folks, Theresa

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