Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Dog won't let me blog

My dog won't let me blog.

Usually, my blog is worked on through the week. I think of my idea, I draft it, I revise it and by Sat am all I have to do it hit post. 

This week I've been under the weather and not as tight on my writing schedule. Also my poor dog, her name is Gemma, is only getting her before work walk from me. Not to worry daddy takes her to play frisbee after super, but normally we have some play time too. 

So this A.M I wake up and head to the computer and she will not stop bouncing around me. I think she's part kangaroo. She'd hopping and whining and even barking at me. 

It's ok, one lost blog will not kill my groove :)  hey I got this in didn't I. 

I'm going to spend some time with the baby.  

Feel free to share your pet stories, or pics too. 

Happy writing folks, see you next week.

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