Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Writers Struggle

I've been struggling to write while sick. As a full-time worker, part-time writer, and every other second of the day cramming in life, illness is the worst barrier.

I have met many wonderful writers out there that suffer chronic pain, or mental illness that can understand what I mean. For all you healthy people, don't take a second of it for granted! 

The only thing we can do is push even harder when we are well. Sometimes we work when we are suffering too. However, depending on the issue, writing might be impossible. Times like these for me, I will aim to work on smaller projects. For example, there is a Blog that gives three prompts, and 100-word limit, that posts each week. It's a great place to practice honing your skill, and meet some others. Check it out if you're interested, link at the bottom. 

Normally I try to start a blog mid-week so I have the base and can clean it up, to post on the weekend. However even that didn't happen last week, so I worked on editing some short stories. This week, on the upside of the illness - I hope - I am working on Sat blog (this one) and creating a video for my upcoming novel release. 

Even though it's a short post, I am really just here to let you all know I am still around and still working on my craft, bit by bit. And also to, hopefully, encourage anyone who needs it, to do what you can when you can. There is little else we can do. 

Happy writing folks. Theresa

100 word Challenge.

Here is my Book Promo, for those who have not yet seen it.

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