Saturday, October 7, 2017

Inspirational Fiction, Ruby in the Water, by J.P. Sterling

A musical prodigy's search for his true identity . . . And the mystery woman who holds the life-saving key. 

When Peter Arnold, a teen-age musical prodigy, collapses on the biggest night of his career, he receives crippling news and the prognosis is grim.

While in a coma, Peter experiences dream-like flashbacks revealing his journey to piano stardom, the people who have impacted his life and that of his family’s, including Peter’s strange connection to a mysterious woman. 

Peter's life changes forever when he learns a secret from his past that forces him to question everything he knew to be true, and he's left to embark on a new journey of finding the missing key to save his life. 

Here is an interview with J.P. 

When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?
I’ve always written but never got serious about it until about five years ago when I “retired” from work to become a stay-at-home mom.

What is your best advice based on your own experiences so far to other Authors
 I would say to stay open-minded to the process and to feedback. A lot of writers get stuck on parts of their story or characters and have a hard time receiving feedback because they want it “their” way but I’ve found that your readers get so invested in your characters that their feedback is valuable and I always am willing to mold my story arc from feedback and I usually like it better after edits.

What of your own writing was your favorite piece?
 I don’t know if I have written it yet. I tend to be a harsh critique of myself.

A quote by you or your Life motto?
 It’s not really either. I would just say to work hard and don’t get stuck hanging out with the whiners.        

What are you currently working on?
 I am in the editing stage for the sequel to Ruby in the Water, and it’s called Lily in the Stone. I had very talented artists put together a trailer for it already and it can be seen here

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