Saturday, April 30, 2016


Indie Authors, how do you get your brand known? 

There are the obvious, #Social Media, #Facebook, #Google+ +Twitter, #Linkedin

All these connections are great; you meet new people, other writers or artists. Perhaps some want to exchange reviews, or they know someone that might like your book. Is it enough?


We must push ourselves to find free or cheap marketing strategies; it's not like I have few thousand dollars sitting around and I can do a commercial on TV, or take ads out all over the place. 

Or can I?

There is of course, for the brave souls, #Youtube. I have seen authors do interviews, or create mini movies about their books. I have not jumped on this bandwagon as I am a recluse - with the exception of my day job that is.

I have found that I can create Free want Ads online worldwide. Some of the sites even allow you to upload a picture for free. It is work, you have to fill out the forms, and some ads want a local Zip code. My trick is to use the address and zip code for that cities Library. It's public knowledge; I'm selling a book online, so why not.

Most countries have local free selling sites also, in Canada is #Kijiji I am sure you all know your own. 

If you take some time, I know it distracts from the writing, but it is a necessity if you want to sell, google free book ads. I do not have all the sites marked but one such place is:   

I also have created a free website through (shameless plug) 

I put my link along with my Amazon link, as a Signature on my Email. So every person I communicate with sees them.

These are just some of my marketing tips, if anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to share. We can all use a helping hand.

Happy writing and Marketing. Theresa

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