Sunday, April 24, 2016

Writing Is Hard

Writing is hard, and I love it...although....sometimes I hate it too.

Now that I have finally gotten back into my constant writing, I am happier. Friends notice and comment on it too.  In the back of my mind at all times are various ideas that I want to write - yes even if I am having a conversation with someone. There is a writer's eye that is watching how you move or speak or the sound of the cars passing on the street.  My brain is always trying to comprehend how to take this flood of information and use it in a story.

 Most times I have these grandiose ideas, but when I sit to get them on paper, I can't put the scenes into words the way I want to. Which is partially why I do these blogs. I am not an attention whore, I have other things to do, many other things. This is just an outlet for my thoughts. When I started the blog, I was terrified. What am I going to say every week?  So I've just used it as an outlet to talk to all you out there on the internet.  And just maybe gain some insight into who I am as a writer.

Lately, there have been some young people on Google + asking for help, and when a few of us inquire as to what they need, they ask us to write stories for them. I have been both shocked and disappointed by these responses.

 No one can write for you, that defeats the purpose.

 No one can tell you what or how to write, it's your story and your style.

Sure they can help with syntax,  grammar, structure and other technical details. But they can not write it for you. 

If anyone wants my advice, all I can say is write lots, write anything and don't give up.

Writing is work.  

Join workshops, join groups, share your work and read others. Heck, I may even have to take some English courses just to catch up on all the years lost. There is no shame in any of that, if you want to write well, you need to learn the craft. 

Happy writing. Theresa

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