Thursday, May 19, 2016

Canva Cover Art

Cover Art and being Indie

So I am new to the self-publishing gig, and when I finished my first book, I realized I needed a cover and started searching.

Well, they can be pretty pricey, and sure we all want the best, but I for one can't afford it. So I googled free cover art and low and behold I found one. 


There are other ones I'm sure, but I tested out Canva, and it was so easy to work with. It actually cost me $1.00, but I was happy with that. I made my own cover from scratch in a matter of minutes, well a bit longer really because I played with a few ideas before picking one.

Then I discovered hey I can do a back over too, which was free because there was no art on it. I just added my own pre-written Blurb.  Then played with colors and font. And it works with Create Space like a dream. 

{ For anyone that may not know, Create Space is through Amazon to make your book in Print form.}

 Pretty cool eh!  I thought so. The hard part is writing the Blurb, Canva can't make that any easier.

Where do you get your covers?
And what do you pay?

If you want to share any cheap or free trade secrets, we'd love to hear them. The Picture on this Blog I made in Canva, free, using my own background photo.

Happy writing and Cover creating. Theresa

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