Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writing On The Go

Writing on the Go.

Do you write everywhere you go?

Do you carry around the old fashioned notebook and pen? Or do you use your smartphone or tablet?

It really is up to you of course.

Handwriting has a certain connection to creativity that you can't get through electronics. I am not sure if it is the fact that you are bound spiritually with the flow. Hand touching the paper, pen in hand, the smell of the ink. Knowing that errors will always be there; crossed out but visible. It has a more ethereal feel to it.

The problem arises that now you must take the extra time that you can spend on more writing, and transcribe it to paper. So double the work. On the other hand, maybe it is your rough draft, and you'll be re-writing it as you type it up, so a bonus really.

However if you carry around any type of device, you can use it as a handy writing tool.

There are all sorts of free apps for writing. Or just use the plain old notepad even. You don't need to have internet everywhere you go either.

I use Microsoft word, free on my tablet, then I can save it to dropbox or google drive, and open it on my computer when I'm home. This way I can continue writing a chapter in my book, or scenes I think of while out, and then manipulate them later.

Having this option has made life much easier. In fact, when I'm not feeling well, or just tired from work, I can lay in bed write and still feel productive.

To me, what it really boils down to, is saving time. I still pull out the notebook and get the juices flowing. I'll write my thoughts, journal, or poetry just to start the process. Then I'll hop onto the computer to get the job done.

How do you write? Share your stories.

Happy writing, Theresa. 
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