Saturday, October 15, 2016

Learn From Indies

When famous writers give advice, they always say: Read Read Read

I agree

However, one thing I recently learned is, don't just read the big names, the traditionally published authors. Sure they worked just as hard to get where they are, they've been through the long nights and countless rejection letters. Plus the deep mining for agents and ending up in publisher's slush piles.

What no one told me was to also read Indie authors

I have found this more helpful than reading someone who knows how to tell a story. Who has editors and publishers pre-reading their work and guiding them.
Most Indies do not have these resources.

So not only did l learn from my own writing mistakes, but I've learned from theirs as well. I've read many books this summer by Indies, and it has been an invaluable tool in my writing.

1. While reading I see grammar and spelling errors - so get and editor.

2. I've seen long winded pointless prose - so cut words and get to the point
3. I've seen scenes that jump all over the place and don't coalesce - get beta 

4. And I've seen exceptionally well-written work that is just dull - again beta readers.... that are honest.

All of this has shown me how my book needs to read, how to be concise and to read it over and over again, myself, before even sending to the editor.  That I will need Beta readers and Don't publish without an Editor.

Does this mean my first book (coming soon) is going to knock your socks off? Perhaps not, but I am growing and learning. And, I am so much more excited about book two (half done) because I have learned more this summer by reading Indies than I ever have reading the hundred thousand previous books.

Give it a go, you may learn something or the best part - you may find a diamond in the rough as I have.

Happy reading and writing folks! Theresa
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