Saturday, October 1, 2016

Write Right

Write right... wait is that right?

Today's blog I am  seeking advice from my fellow authors. If you'll bare with me for a few rambling lines.

So I recently discovered that there is a word for my writing style. I am a panster. I sit at a blank screen with a general idea of the story I want to tell and then I just start writing.

I literally have nothing to go on. I don't have characters names, what they look like, jobs ... nothing! As I write, they pop into my mind. As I go, I'll jot their names into my notebook , and when I can't type any longer - or before I continue my next session, I think about them and give them life.  All this gets noted my book.

With the new novel I just started (I know I'm stilling re-writing book one but I need to give it some space) I am also notating the main points of each chapter. This way I can keep track of important details as I progress.

However, I have been hearing great things about the writing tools such as Scrivener 
But I heard it was convoluted with a steep learning curve.

So I checked a couple other options and found easier ones such as -

 writeitnow here:
 Ywriter5  here:

I did download both above trail versions and wanted to try my hand at keeping better notes. Have all my characters at hand and plot notes within a click of a button. But I wasn't able to do it, I had input function errors and couldn't figure out where to actually write the story.  I also was trying to do all this while my story is poking me in the back of the head saying. "Hey, I need to be written. What are you doing? What about me?"  So I gave up and just went back to Mircosoft Word and started typing.

How do you write your novels? Do you use any of these programs or a different one? Is it worth me placing aside my work for a couple of days and get the book into the system?

All your input is appreciated, Happy writing. Theresa
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