Saturday, January 28, 2017

Author Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to David Kummer, he's a young up and coming author. I met David through social media about a year ago and have forged a good friendship via "the internet".  He is a smart young man with a mature style to his writing that should not be taken lightly. I believe that he is someone to follow as one day he is going to be #1 on the best sellers list.

Meet David:

I'm a teenager, with a couple published novels and a collection of short stories.I live in a small, river-town on the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Along with taking care of younger siblings (I have eight total), I make time for writing in between school and sports.

I've been writing since I was young, with As Trees Turned Away being my first published work and She being my first published novel. Along with writing, I am an avid reader and watcher of all things horror, and enjoy writing reviews on them for others who might want to know my opinion on them.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy talking with my hilarious friends and amazing girlfriend, spending time with my loving family, watching movies, and working out to burn all of the calories I get from binge-eating Hawaiian Rolls. Those things are really addicting, am I right? I'd rather get payed in those than money.
Anyways, thank you for checking out my author page and my books (if you've done that.) Have a great day!

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New Release:  Enden

They have grown strong in the shadows, the kingdom of Oldon. The land is void of hope and of strength against them. The human kingdoms grow corrupt every day so that the lines between good and evil are slurred.
One yo
ung man from a small village in the valley could change all of that. He fights with the passion of a warrior and the luck of a magician. And when the barbarians force him out of his home, the journey begins. Trained by a knight, shadowed with secrets, and against the kingdom he once called home, Jonathan is an outcast, a rebel. But more than anything, he is a leader. Enden is a world filled with wars, famine, sieges, torture, and death. But the greatest battle of all is to survive. Only one thing is certain. Something is rising, in the distance near the edge of the world where forgotten secrets brew. Something has risen. And it is coming. 

It is coming.

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