Saturday, February 11, 2017

Inspiration Is Contagious

Be inspirational, you never know who it will affect. 

Recently I published a blog about changing my life, having dreams, and working to achieve them. I do know that on occasion my father reads my blogs. Sometimes he comments, sometimes he doesn’t, no big deal right. 

Of course, I have always known that my dad writes songs and sings at home, I grew up listening to him. Plus he sings with a group of friends all the time. Most recently he sang at his church. 

What I am only learning in this last year, is that he’s always wanted to try and sell his songs and perhaps share his own talents with the world. But fear held him back, fear of theft of his work, possibly fear of rejection – we all have this.

Then I received a text from him with a heart-warming message that I am going to keep private. The essence was that in my desire to change my life, and my being brave enough to put myself out to the world, had given him the strength to do likewise.

His closing was ‘You are a great inspiration, and I love you very much. Keep up the excellent work.’

On Thursday, Feb 8th my dad played at an Open Mic night for the first time in his life.  He gave an outstanding performance, he didn’t appear nervous at all.  I was so proud of him at 60ish (I won't give it away) to take such a scary step and follow through with it. 

Any Art form you choice, writing, painting, sculpting and singing is an extension of your heart and soul. Stop letting fear get in the way of being happy. 

If you go for it, you never know who you may uplift to make the leap too.

And now I can only hope that my dad is ok with this being made in a larger public forum than just local. :)  I'll soon find out.  I Love you, dad! 

Sorry for the low quality - I had to reduce it for a blog. However if you enjoy the music, leave a comment. 

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