Saturday, May 13, 2017

Life Happens

Being a writer is a full-time job – if you’re serious, that is.

Last week I was away on vacation, and I was prepared. 

I try to keep my schedule on certain writing commitments as routine as possible. For instance, I submit my magazine article to every Wed and my Blog is always Sat. Everything else is whatever, whenever - unless there is a deadline.

Fully aware I as going to be out of town, and most likely in a vacation state of mind. You know that state, where what day it doesn’t matter, I pre-wrote my article and my blog. I made sure they were saved not only on the cloud but in my phone as a backup. And voila I posted remotely with the touch of a button, no thought, no effort, no wait I must spend an hour writing required.

What an age we live in!

What I had not counted on, was how exhausted I was going to be upon my return. It’s almost a week now that I have been back home and my mental state is not here. I am tired and run down and can't concentrate.  Other than my article which I feel committed to submit, and this blog, I have done no actual creative writing. 

Luckily, I am working on a secret project that entails, reading, editing and adding input. This has been a savior this week. I have been focusing all my attention on this work and not even worrying about my three novels on the go.

So, I’ve learned something new about myself, when I can’t think, edit and distract.

How do you cope with down time? Or Distractions? Share your ideas.

Happy writing folks. Theresa

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