Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Dreaded Facebook

There is a ton of negative stigma with social media for writers, especially Facebook. 

But there are positive aspects too that can impact your career.

I happen to have two accounts. One is my personal friends and family connection. The other is my Public profile for writing.

I use this one to advertise books, and yes, let complete strangers join as friends. There are writer’s groups and clubs to join and share your work, where you can talk to those who are having the same worries as you, or give advice, or perhaps someone asking advice that you can help them with.

Facebook is where I have found the notifications to join some anthologies and then as a group we promote and share the work together. This is a great way to not only work with other authors but create new fans and make some sales.  

You may not sell hundreds of books by joining Facebook, but you could get a new writing gig from it. I have, and most recently I am working, one on one, with another author on a new and intriguing secret project.

One thing you can do is create an Author Page or a Sellers Profile and you don’t have to interact on a timeline with others if you don’t want. This is a decent new feature.

If you have troubles with certain people they have the block feature, sure it’s not fair that we have to block people, but that can happen on any platform.  Even on G+ I get strange and unwarranted messages from random men, so I block them. Sadly, this is the price we pay to be out in the world sharing our work, a necessary evil as they say.

Spread yourself far and wide – stay safe – and happy writing folks.

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