Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Oddity of D.O.P (Disappearing items)

The Oddity of D.O.P (Disappearing items)

I am going off the writer’s path today to discuss the phenomenon of my disappearing book. I did briefly post something about this last year and it’s happened again!

So, one of my all-time favorite books is The Alienist by Caleb Carr, and it always disappears from my life. I say life because I place it on the bookshelf and at some point, it disappears never to be seen again.  

Ironically as I set off to grab a cover shot and get the book details, I stumble upon the fact that a TV series based on this book is coming in 2017! The book was published in 1994 that’s 23yrs later. Now even this gives me pause, why has this book been plaguing me again? And why did I wake up and decide to alter my writer's blog to this topic? There are just too many unanswerable questions.

The first time this occurred I didn’t give it much thought, I racked my brain trying to think of who I lent the book too. Even though I don’t loan my books, I am fastidious with no bent pages, or spine cracks, so I trust no-one! I figured well the book was so good that perhaps I’d forgotten I loaned it out. I went out and purchased a new hardcover, re-read and loving placed it back on the shelf. One day, months later, it was once again gone. 

I believe I have bought 5-6 copies and yet my shelf is still bare of The Alienist.

Where does my book go? And why is it just this one and no others? Is my doppelganger in every other dimension also in love with this book but they can’t access it? Do I have a ghost that just likes to taunt me because it knows how I adore this book? Perhaps I should visit a psychic and see if they know.

I did buy book 2 Angel of Darkness and I still have that one, and only last month I picked up his 3rd installment, Surrender New York. We’ll see if it hangs around. 

I am almost tempted to buy a new version of The Alienist and place it in a clear locked case with an alarm and a camera – see if it disappears again. Perhaps I can be the first to capture evidence of “otherworldly” events.

Do you have any spectral tales you want to share?
Experience D.O.P?
Have idea’s about my occurrence?
Share in the comments and Happy writing folks. Theresa

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